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Terms of Service for Customers

We aim to provide our customers with a quick simple and easy way of registering and buying tickets for any event promoted on the DXBerience website. This includes purchasing tickets, booking reservations, and accessing services and events online. All Customers purchasing tickets via the DXBerience Website accept these terms and conditions and all intellectual property associated with the group.  

Definitions: DXBerience, office address 

Office 15, 1st Floor Humaid Sultan Building, Fridge Curare Street. Dubai. United Arab Emirates

Website” refers to the online sales portal including all webpages, subdomains and subparts therein contained and provided by DXBerience, obtained by any means capable of accessing the information available now or created in the future.

Customer” refers to any individual or organization that uses The Website to purchase or attempt to purchase any Event or Service, including but not limited to tickets, delegate passes, vouchers or any similar products or services.

Vendor” refers to any individual, partnership or organisation whether privately or publically owned that is responsible for the organization, promotion and delivery of any event, service, or offering of any kind offered for sale or free of charge to the Customer via the DXBerience Website.

Event” refers to any event, of any nature, e.g. business, family, education, entertainment, sports, religious or other types of events (not an exhaustive list), where the Vendor wishes to advertise and sell, tickets, offer vouchers, or passes or any similar service to Customers using the DXBerience Website as a facilitating service for promotion of the event.

Ticket” refers to any and all forms of paid or complimentary entrance voucher or method of measuring and controlling access, such as, a physical printed ticket, voucher, pass, wristband or similar, or an electronic form of ticket such as a unique bar code, QR code, reference number which identifies the holder as having purchased or been given permission to access a specific Event.

Services” refers to any/all services provided by DXBerience to the Vendor in respect of the Event, and may include, such services as advertising and promoting the Event on the Website; providing an online website portal that enables Customers to book a reservation or purchase Tickets for the Vendors Event or Establishment; and delivery of the aforementioned Tickets to the Customer via either electronic or physical means as agreed between the Vendor and DXBerience; collection of payment for any Ticket or reservation purchased by the Customer on behalf of the Vendor; registration of the Customer’s information; and any other services provided by DXBerience to the Vendor as agreed by the parties in writing.

1. Ticket Purchasing Policy 

Tickets purchased on the DXBerience website,are non-refundable and subject to the limited circumstances listed below in our Refunds Policy. 

The Exchange of Tickets is limited to the conditions outlined below in our Refunds Policy

Tickets cannot be transferred to any third party with the exception of direct family members or friends of the purchaser and never for a greater value than the original purchase price. 

All tickets issued to the named buyer, are for their use and immediate family and friends. In the event DXBerience becomes aware that any ticket has been resold for a price greater than the original price, DXBerience will cancel the ticket/tickets without refund to the purchaser and will invalidate its use for entry. 

Customers purchasing resold DXBerience branded tickets via any other site or organisation, secondary websites and online selling sites accept these will not be valid for entry and have or will be invalidated by DXBerience. 

DXBerience or Vendor/Event organiser at its discretion may require the customer to provide proof they are the original purchaser of the Ticket at the entry to the event. Acceptable forms of photo ID are:                                                                                                                            

National ID card                                                                                                    

Drivers Licence                                                                                                                           

Passport/Emirates ID                                                                                                                                      

Nonphoto proof:                                                                                                                     

Original Credit Card Receipt used to purchase the ticket.                                                                  

To ensure entry to the event if more than one ticket has been purchased, all members of the purchasing Customer party will endeavor to enter the event together with the customer. 

It is the Customer’s responsibility AT ALL TIMES, to protect their tickets in whatever form issued be it Electronic or printed from loss or theft. DXBerience is not responsible or obliged to issue a replacement or lost tickets and will not issue refunds in these circumstances. Should a Customers’ electronic ticket be stolen or copied by whatever means (scanned or copied from shared email) and is presented/used before a Customer gains entry to the event, the Customer will be refused entry as its prior use will have canceled its validity. No refund will be offered to the Customer. Customers are to protect their electronic tickets with equal caution and care to that of the printed tickets. 

DXBerience will require payment in full for the Ticket/s at the time of purchase. The Ticket/s will be issued via email after completion of the purchasing process. Any payment made via fraudulently obtained credit, or debit data, via whatever means or used without the owner’s permission, DXBerience will cancel such tickets without refund to the fraudulent purchaser.

2. Attendance and Usage of Ticket to Events

The Customer accepts it is their responsibility to ensure that any restrictions placed on entry to the event such as dress code, age, height, or health warnings (not an exhaustive list), will do so before purchasing a Ticket from the DXBerience Website. 

DXBerience will not refund the Ticket purchased if the Customer is refused entry to the Event by the Vendor for failure to meet any restriction.

DXBerience will not refund the Ticket/s if a Customer or a member of his party, is refused entry due to their, behavior being considered by the Vendor or Event organiser to be disruptive, dangerous, unruly or unlawful.   

ALL Tickets are issued and governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Venue and the Event organizers. Customers MUST abide by ALL the rules of the event and ensure they are familiar with the requirements of the Event. 

The right of entry and conduct of security searches are held solely by the Event managers to ensure safety and security at the Event. 

If a Customer, due to any reason is ejected by the security, event managers or security personnel, they or any person being part of their purchased Ticket/s will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances.

Customers must make themselves aware of the Re-entry policy for the event/venue (if a customer leaves the venue during the event) they may not be readmitted into the venue/event using their original ticket. DXBerience will not refund Tickets under these circumstances if the customer is refused re-entry. 

Customers are to familiarise themselves with the restrictions in force at and by the Event organisers and the venue management as to what items can be brought to/into an Event/Venue such as cameras, mobile phones, audio recording equipment, selfie sticks, hazardous or dangerous item and any article that could be deemed or interpreted as a potential weapon. DXBerience will not be liable to refund the purchased Ticket/s if entry is denied or the customer is ejected from the venue in these circumstances. All rights of entry remain with the Event organizers or Vendors and the authorized Security. 

DXBerience accepts no responsibility or liability for any items confiscated, lost or stolen. 

DXBerience accepts no liability or responsibility for any injury incurred at the Event or Venue

Customers are to check with the Venue and/or the Event organisers the terms of acceptable/unacceptable use of photographic and recording equipment at the event.            Please note, that most Venues will prohibit the use of unauthorized photos/recordings.

Attendance at the right time and date is the responsibility of the Customer. It is the Customer’s SOLE responsibility to check the Event/Venue are at the original time and place. DXBerience is not and will not be held responsible or accept liability for any loss (actual or implied) for any costs incurred traveling to an event due to the Customer not checking the time and date of the Event before traveling. DXBerience (at its discretion) should an Event or Venue be canceled or postponed, may offer a refund to the Customer subject to the Refunds Policy below.   

DXBerience will not issue a refund to the Customer should they fail to attend an event for any reason.

DXBerience will not issue a refund if refused entry to an Event by the Vendor or Event organiser who deems the arrival as Late. 

Last Admission Times are sometimes an element of the Event, (last admission times) meaning the latest time a Customer can enter the venue or event.  It is the Customers sole responsibility to check these times. DXBerience will not refund the ticket should the customer be refused entry because of failing to meet this requirement.   

3. Delivery and Collection of Tickets Policy

DXBerience will issue tickets electronically and it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure they can facilitate the receipt of their ticket in the following ways:

In PDF file via email. The customer must ensure the email address provided is correct and working for ticket delivery. Customers must check their Inbox for the email which will include the PDF ticket. Customer is to ensure it can be printed and used for entry. 

DXBerience will, when requested provide delivery of the Tickets as a URL link delivered via SMS to their mobile for an additional fee. 

Electronic Tickets PDF issued can be accepted by the Event organiser or Venue scanned at the point of entry, however, this may at the request of the Event organiser, need to be exchanged for a printed ticket. In such circumstances, the Vendor or Event organiser may request the Customer to provide the original data from the following list to exchange the electronic ticket to a printed form.                                                                                                                           

Photo Driving License                                                                                                                   

Valid passport                                                                                                                              

Emirates ID


The responsibility of all tickets sold by DXBerience rests solely with the Vendors and Event organisers. 

All Tickets once purchased, cannot be refunded, transferred or exchanged other than in the specific conditions detailed below. 

Abandonment of an Event, once it has commenced for any reason other than events beyond the control of the Vendor or Event organizer, will not be considered a justifiable reason for a refund, including, but not limited to, the action of a Government, any act of force majeure, failure of power supply, strike, weather conditions, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.

Specific Refunds Policy variations may apply to particular events or the Vendor/Organisers terms and conditions which will be noted on the Terms & Conditions on the page of the Event.    

Your purchase via the DXBerience Website confirms your agreement to this Refunds policy. 

To request a refund based on the circumstances detailed above email Include your transaction number, ticket number, telephone and email address in order for us to handle your request swiftly and efficiently. 

Use of Information and Privacy Policy: 

We will only collect, record, hold, store, disclose, transfer, and use your personal information on the following basis below: 

Only collect information where we MUST do so and will only collect relevant information to our dealings with you. 

We will keep your information for as long as it is required by the law or for any relevant purpose for which it was collected. 

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information: 

Any personal information we collect from you will be used for the following objectives: 

To assist you to use our services

To process your requests for bookings, tickets and reservations.

To process your payments for bookings, tickets and reservations.

In exceptional circumstances, we may be required to disclose personal information on grounds generally believed and accepted as either Life/death, Life/Health, law enforcement, legal and or regulatory demands.  

Your personal information may be shared with third parties for specific transactions, marketing, legal & regulatory deemed necessary by DXBerience. When shared we will endeavor to ensure that the third parties keep your information secure from unauthorized use in any form and retained only for as they need to complete the previously noted purposes. DXBerience will take all steps to ensure the receiving parties have in place laws and standards comparable to the level of protection afforded under these data privacy laws.  

DXBerience does not and will not sell personal information to any third parties. 

Any personal information, credit/debit card details will not be stored, shared leased or rented to any organization or entity.

Personal Information Security: 

All personal information collected will be safely stored by the following means: 

Restricting Access to personal information

Maintaining programs and products preventing unauthorised technology access.  

Destroying all personal information securely when no longer required for business or legal purposes.

If you become aware that your privacy has been breached by DXBerience please contact us, at our email address 


Access and use of the DXBerience website by anyone under the age of 18 can only be conducted with the involvement of a parent or guardian. We will not conduct any form of business or services with children under the age of 18. 

Withdrawal of Consent:  

You retain the right to communicate your objection or withdrawal of your consent to DXBerience in its continual use and disclosure for any purpose, of your personal information at any time. Do so by using our email address 

Please note your objection may affect the level of service we may offer or provide to you. Our legal rights and remedies are expressly reserved in such an event.  

Computer Data Collection 

DXBerience for storing information may use, cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies and will store this information to provide a better personalized service and experience when you use the Services and/or access the Website.

When you visit DXBerience, our company servers will automatically record the standard information that your browser sends whenever you visit any website. This data may include:

• Your computer’s IP address

• Browser type

• Webpage you were visiting before you came to our Website

• The pages within the Website which you visit

• The time spent on those pages, items and information searched for on the Website, access times and dates, and other statistics.

This information enables us to analyse and improve our website and services.

To make our Services and Website more convenient Cookies (small text files typically made up of letters and numbers) are placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or view a message. We use this information to recognize a particular device or browser and help us to personalize the content to match your preferred interests more quickly and useful to you.

Please note: You can manage and delete cookies through your browser or device settings. Instructions on how to do so, visit the help material of your browser or device.

We may use Web beacons are that small graphic images that allow us to count users who have viewed these pages so that we can better understand your preference and interests.

DXBerience will regularly review this Privacy Policy and reserve the right to modify and or change this at any time. We will publish any changes via our Website. 

The Rights of DXBerience 

You acknowledge and agree that DXBerience has the right to disclose your personal information on the request or reasonable grounds if they believe that disclosure meets its obligations or requirements (voluntary or mandatory) to comply with an order or investigation by a governmental organisation, such as Tax or Law enforcement applicable and permissible by the current law. You accept that you waive your rights in the taking of any legal action against DXBerience for disclosure in these circumstances. For clarity, DXBerience will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned countries. 

The Experience of Ultimate Events T/As DXBerience                                                                                

Office 15, 1st Floor Humaid Sultan Building,                                                                               

Fridge Curare Street,                                                                                                             

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

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